With a group of Ruffed Grouse hunting friends, I participated in the 2014 Sandhills Sharptail Shootout sort of on a whim, when one of our crew found the hunt on the internet. We reside in Michigan, but have traveled together to the Dakota several times to chase Ditch Parrots, and were looking for a new adventure.  We could not have found a better one.

While we have had several successful hunts in the Dakota, we have never gone back to the same place twice.  But we are returning to Mullen for the 2015 Shootout and, I expect, for many Shootouts hereafter.

The main reason for our return is the people of Mullen.  From the organizers, to the landowners, to the scorekeepers, to the host families, to the gracious ladies preparing the meals, I do not believe that you could find more accommodating, friendlier or just plain nicer folks anywhere.  Yeah, the birds are plentiful, the clay targets are challenging, the meals are delicious and the bar is open. But the people make this hunt special.

I have been going on at least one one out of state hunting adventure every year for the past 20 or so years.  If you like upland bird hunting, the Sandhills Sharptail Shootout is one of the best hunting values you will find.  If any prospective participants would like more information on why I believe that statement to be true, I invite them to contact me by email.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of the Sandhills Sharptail Shootout experience.  I look forward to seeing you again in September.

Ray McVeigh

8 Mile Drive-By Posse


I can't say enough about how awesome and complete the hunt is.  What makes this hunt so special is the fact it is real hunting with no stocked or planted birds.  Mullen is the heart of the Sandhills and the country is beautiful.  The hunt committee and entire community go above and beyond to make sure you have a positive experience.  The relationships built are everlasting.  We return every year and it is neat to remember faces and strike up conversations with previous landowners, guides, and scorekeepers.  Likely the best value hunt with everything you get including meals, trigger time, the hunt itself and an awards banquet dinner that is top notch.

Dave Bryand

Holland, NE

Over the years, we have attended many fund raisers and participated in many hunts.  We have experienced nothing that compares to the Sandhills Sharptail Shootout.  Gracious landowners, wonderful people and the awesome spectacle of the Nebraska Sandhills make this a not-to-miss event. Throw in beautiful September weather, canoeing on one of the rivers, and dinner at the Dismal River Club and you might suffer from sensory overload.

Roger Prather

Topeka, KS

The Sandhills Sharptail Shootout is a blast in all respects.  As a long time upland bird hunter, full time for the past twelve years (per my wife) and three time participant in the Shootout, it has become my favorite organized hunt.  Having access to private land with a mix of sharptails and prairie chickens is a unique opportunity, surpassed only by the tremendous community effort that goes into the event.  We participants leave with the impression that everyone in Mullen and Hooker County pitched in and went out of their way to assure that a good time was had by all.

Glenn Harvey

Valdese, North Carolina

This will be my 20th year in the hunt.  We have always tried to return each year mainly because of the landowner's generosity and the people's work ethic in Mullen is like no other in the world.  The land and environment is totally unique to anything else you will experience.  It creates a very challenging hunt for both the hunter and his dog.  This isn't your grandma's hunt on pen raised birds; this is actually open range hunting and fair chase.  Once you come and experience it, assuming you hunt for the right reasons, you will be back.

Dan Bryant

Lincoln, NE

For the PT Hookers team the 2014 Sharptail Shootout was our first time to enter the event.  From the moment we arrived until the moment we left we were welcomed with open arms.  The Sharptail Shootout committee did a fantastic job putting on a great shoot and our guides, scorekeepers, and helpers were so very accommodating and made sure we had everything we needed.  All in all, we had a great time and the PT Hookers will be back for the 2015 Sandhills Sharptail Shootout and look forward to seeing our Nebraska friends and family.  Thank you to all the donors and host committee and don't hesitate to call us when you are headed to Texas!

Corby Jastrow

Austin, TX

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