Some of the worlds best grouse habitat

The day of the hunt, the teams meet with their guides and scorekeepers. The hunters are furnished with a hearty breakfast, a packed lunch, and their box of shells. It is at the discretion of the team when to leave to travel to their hunting destination. The only stipulation being that the hunters can not begin hunting until legal shooting time. The hunters may use their own shells or the box of shells that are provided. The hunt ends when a team reaches their limit, all 25 shots have been fired, or at 4:00p.m. MT.

The hunt can be a challenging, but also rewarding hunt. We DO NOT release ANY birds for the hunt. The hunters can take pride in knowing that they are experiencing a genuine hunt. The birds shot during the hunt are a mix of sharptail grouse and prairie chickens, with a success rate having been 85 percent.

If you are looking for a competitive hunt and a good time to get together with some of your old hunting buddies, this is your hunt! The entry fee for the hunt is an exceptional price and the hospitality can’t be beat. Come visit us in the heart of the sandhills and experience more than just the hunt!


                     Pictured above along with their landowner, guide and scorekeeper are the members of "Shifty Shooters" the 2016 Past Shooters winner of the Sharptail Shootout.

They downed 15 birds with 16 shots.

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